CSG Launches Five Measures to Support Work Resumption of General Industrial and Business Enterprises and Large Industrial Enterprises

信息来源:CSG  发布时间2020-02-23

  In accordance with new national policies introduced by the National Development and Reform Commission, China Southern Power Grid has adopted five key measures to reduce electrical costs for general industrial and business enterprises and large industrial enterprises。

  These important measures will be valid through June 30 of this year to reduce power costs for these enterprises by 10.6 billion RMB with all fees to be assumed by China Southern Power Grid, including:

  1。A 5% reduction of power costs for non-energy-intensive general industrial and business enterprises and large industrial enterprises。 This will benefit more than 7。6 million customers and collectively reduce power bills by more than RMB 7。4 billion。

  2.Implementation of two-part tariff pricing policy. This will benefit more than 200,000 business enterprises who will see their power bills reduced by more than RMB 3.2 billion.

  3。These varied savings programs will be promoted to the varied business customers through offline and online channels such as service halls, WeChat official account, 95598 website and the CSG official website, so all CSG customers can be informed of these important savings。 Additionally, CSG will be adjusting electricity charging standards to ensure the implementation of these new policies。

  4.CSG will provide refunds or cover discounts for business enterprises entitled to this policy that have already paid their electric bills before the introduction of the price reduction policy. and

  5。Assist government departments in supervising the implementation of these policies by clearing up unreasonable charges in power supplies and electricity transfer as well as reporting any specific billing issues。

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